Starting something new can be HARD. 

Especially when you are trying to juggle motherhood and the everyday demands of life.  But it doesn't HAVE to be. Idea to Income is the ultimate business-in-a-box mentorship program for Mom-Togs who want to build a thriving business without having to sacrifice their life.

Say No More! I'm In!
"Michelle taught me the financial and business fundamentals that transcend any type of business."

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Have you been dreaming about taking the leap and turning your love of photography into a profitable business?

You might be thinking, "I'd LOVE to start my own business. I love snapping images and capturing memories of my own kids. And people tell me I'm pretty good at it."

The problem is, you’re not really sure what to do to get a business off the ground. I want you to know, that you’re not alone.

If you’re like most photographers your brain is wired for creativity, not running a business. When you're trying to figure all that out while taking care of a family the fear can literally paralyze you.    

I’ve been where you are. When I first started my photography business in 2000 it was a way to make extra spending money doing something I loved. One year later after my first child was born things got real. I needed my business to start making REAL money so I could stay at home with my daughter. 

Talk about fear.

Welcome, I'm Michelle!

I’ve been a photographer for the past twenty-three years growing a business as my family grew. I struggled, in the beginning, trying to make it all work. Being a mom and a business owner isn’t easy. There were many nights I crashed feeling like I was failing at EVERYTHING. But I wasn’t willing to give up on my dream to have it all. I was determined to figure it out. And I did. Now I help other women define what having it all means to them and build a photography business that makes that dream a reality.

Did you know that statistics show 60% of photography business owners give up within the first year?

Another 25% throw in the towel by the end of the second. 
Why? Because most photographers believe if they keep up-leveling their skills,  they'll eventually get to a point where people will pay them what they are worth and they can make a decent income.


It doesn't have to be that way.
It all depends on how you choose to go about it.

Success starts with a plan. When you try to wing it, unfortunately, you get burned out quickly. You run the risk of becoming one of the statistics. Starting a photography business doesn’t have to be hard, overwhelming, or scary…


In fact, it can be easy!

"Michelle just took group coaching for photographers to a whole new level. I've never seen this level of 1-1 support offered in any program. I wish I'd had this when I was starting out." - Annie P.

Wouldn't it be amazing if you had an all-in-one place to go to for...

  • A simple, laser-focused roadmap to guide you at each step of your journey from writing a business plan to pricing your services and marketing.   

  • You not only had a roadmap, but you had a community to support you on the same journey as you are to celebrate your success, bounce ideas off of, and ask questions.

  • You could stop wasting time on Google and second-guessing yourself.

  • If you had unlimited access to someone who has been walking that journey for twenty-three years holding your hand every step of the way.

    I created my Signature Program, Idea to Income because I don’t want you to have to do it alone and I want you to get it right the first time. 



is more than another online learning tool. It is something I created from my heart for Mom-Togs to teach them everything I’d wish I’d known starting out so they can skip over the failures and frustrations I had.

Say no more! I’m in!

Here’s how it works:

The Spring Mentorship kicks off on January 9th with a welcome call to get to know each other and walk you through the first module LIVE!

Beginning January 9th thru March 20th a new module will be released every other week.  

The first three modules focus on getting your business up and running. They cover everything from writing a business plan to designing a logo and launching your website.

The next three modules focus on getting your first clients and marketing your business. It covers pricing, getting paid to build your portfolio, and crafting your client experience and so much more!


How would you like to get started?










Need more details? ... Each module is broken down into three parts:

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For each module you’ll receive a content video and workbook that covers one of the five foundational pillars of a successful photography business: clarity and goal setting, products and pricing, branding, marketing, client workflow and automation. Along with that, you’ll receive a simple checklist to follow along and start implementing right away. Simple, no fluff, tell me what to do content.

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In the past, I’ve really struggled with keeping up with online learning. Things happen, kids get sick, the dishwasher breaks or the dog decides to chew through the internet cable. After each module release, you have what I call an implementation week. This will be the week you’ll have time to simply take action and finish up what we’ve been working on so you don’t fall behind!

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And lastly, my favorite part of the mentorship, and what really sets it apart from other programs. After completing each module you’ll have the option to submit your workbook for review and feedback. I am committed to your success and I don’t want anyone getting left behind because they get stuck on a certain topic.

Check out these results I’ve gotten working with clients in various offers

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Michelle has my unwavering endorsement. I started using the Vision Planner and it has been a game-changer for me.  I love how simple she makes it.  Michelle has a gift with simple step-by-step questions to help you to solidify your vision.

~ Dr. Sherri Yoder, Thriving Expert, Podcast Host, Thought Coach, Writer

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I thought this planner would make me more productive, but it’s SO MUCH MORE than that— it changed my MINDSET when it comes to success. I've stopped striving to be someone I'm not and have learned to make it happen MY way. I can't recommend this planner enough! 

~ Hannah Kates, Editor, Copywriter, and Literary Fairy Godmother

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One of my favorite things is the pricing calculator. I hadn’t sat down and figured out about how much I would need to charge per job in order to make my “goal income” and it made it feel very doable and realistic! 

~Emily Zammett, Chestnutridge Photography

But wait, I couldn’t make an offer without BONUSES, could I?

  • A Quickstart Guide to Shooting in Manual Mode (PDF) so can start tweaking your skills and up-leveling your images.
  • A First Steps Checklist to get you started setting up your business accounts, obtaining licenses, insurance, sales tax, contracts, and free resources to help run your business smoothly.
  • And the BEST bonus of all, remember when I said above you get direct access to a seasoned pro for personalized advice. It doesn’t just stop at the monthly Q&As and personalized content reviews. I truly want you to succeed so my inbox will be an open door! You’ll receive unlimited email and Voxer support from me for an entire year!
I love bonuses! Sign me up!

One Time Payment


Pay In Full Today

  • (6) Content videos released monthly starting on 01.09.23 with a workbook and action plan
  • Monthly Live Q&A calls with Michelle
  • The option to submit your monthly workbook to Michelle for review and feedback
  • (6) Months of unlimited email support from Michelle
  • An online community of like-minded peers for the duration of the program
  • Lifetime access to all content and recordings of Q&A calls

Payment Plan


Four Monthly Payments

  • (6) Content videos released monthly starting on 01.09.23 with a workbook and action plan
  • Monthly Live Q&A calls with Michelle
  • The option to submit your monthly workbook to Michelle for review and feedback
  • (6) Months of unlimited email and Voxer support from Michelle
  • An online community of like-minded peers for the duration of the program
  • Lifetime access to all content and recordings of Q&A calls
What would it be worth...

If you've made it this far down the page, starting a photography business is more than an idea, it's in your heart ...

So let me ask, what would it be worth to have ...

  • A proven step-by-step approach to launching your dream business with confidence and ease. 
  • Time-saving email and branding templates
  • A membership community with monthly contests, challenges, and encouragement.
  • And best of all, direct access to a seasoned pro for personalized advice.

I’ve spent 23 years growing and tweaking my business. This works and it is exactly what I did to get where I am today.

The mentorship broken down into pieces has a value of over $1997. However, I remember starting out knowing I NEEDED help, but struggling to come up with the money for it. 


So How does this sound?

You can earn back the cost with just 1-2 sessions each month!

That sounds great! I’m ready to JOIN!

I get it! The price sounds great, but you may be nervous to make such a long-term commitment. I understand. I've been there.  I am so confident by the end of your first 30-days if you don’t feel like the mentorship has benefited you in any way, I’ll give you your money back. Yep, that’s right. I'm offering a 30- day money-back guarantee. Simply email [email protected] and I'll happily refund your money.

So let me break it down by each module so you know exactly what we’ll be covering:

MODULE 1: Foundations 

  • Defining your goals, personal and professional to create a business plan
  • Writing your Mission Statement
  • Setting business hours and boundaries
  • Choosing your business model and making core decisions on your niche.
  • Naming your business.
  • Choose your email provider and begin creating a client list.

At the end of this month, you will have complete clarity going forward to set your business up for success.

MODULE 2: Intro to Branding

  • Choosing your brand colors and designing your logo.
  • Creating a branding board.
  • Get paid to zero in on your image style and start creating your portfolio.
  • Defining your Ideal Client Avatar
  • Create a system for client testimonials.
  • Find your brand voice and your client’s love language.

At the end of this month, you will be zeroed in on who your dream client is, where to find them, and how to market to them.

MODULE 3: Website Design

  • Securing your domain.
  • Choosing your website platform.
  • Build the five key elements of a great website: Home Page, About Me, Services | Work with Me, Contact Page, Portfolio.
  • Bonus content: Adding a freebie for potential clients to capture their email addresses and add them to your database.
  • Basic SEO.

At the end of this month, you will have designed your online home that speaks your ideal client’s love language and WOWS them from the very first click.

MODULE 4: Pricing and Profit

  • Crunching your numbers to determine your price points.
  • Crafting your collections.
  • Creating your client welcome guide.
  • How to handle things like travel fees, friends and family discounts, and unexpected requests.
  • Choosing your print partner and client image delivery method.

At the end of this month, you will walk away with a pricing plan that guarantees a profit. 

MODULE 5: Absolute Automation

  • Crafting your client experience to create raving fans and repeat clients.
  • Implementing workflows and systems 
  • Crafting client emails for effortless booking and session planning.
  • Implementing an online calendar.

At the end of this month, you will have a client workflow in place that not only makes your clients feel special and appreciated but one that is easy for you to implement and manage.

MODULE 6:  Social Media Management 

  • Choosing your social media platform based on your ICA
  • How to grow your audience
  • Creating a Content calendar
  • Writing your Boss Bio with a Call to Action
  • Implementing an Engagement Strategy

At the end of this month, you will a plan in place to effectively engage your ideal client that doesn’t feel overwhelming.

Still on the fence? Let me see if I can help with that…

You are Mom-Tog serious about getting started and want to side-step wasting time to figure it out on your own. You know that having all-inclusive education, templates and a full support system will be a game changer. 
You are a hobby photographer and know you have a special gift, but all the “business stuff” feels overwhelming to you. You want someone to just tell you what to do so people start taking you seriously.
You already have a business and are making a little money here and there, but really don’t have any goals or a plan and you’re tired of reading all the blogs and signing up for free workshops and that gets you nowhere.
If you answered YES to any of the above and you’re ready to take action to move your dream forward then this is for YOU!
  • You're looking for a get-rich-quick strategy and starting a photography business looks like an easy way to make it happen.

  •  You’re not willing to put in the time to go over the monthly content and complete the action steps to build your business.

  •  You’d rather just do things your way for now and see what happens.

In short, I’ve been a photographer for the last twenty-three years. For twenty-one of those years, I’ve been a Mom and grown my business through all the stages of my kids' lives. Now I run not only Michelle Kuzmick Photography but the MK Photo Academy as well.  I understand the challenges of raising a family. I understand the pressure to be everything to everyone. I also know you should never underestimate a woman with a camera in her hand and a dream in her heart. I’ve been where you are and I’d love to support you on your journey.




I'm ready!



Four Payments

Let's do this!

How much time do I need to commit each month? 

It’ll vary depending on the monthly topic. After the monthly content drops you’ll have an entire month to work on it, including implementation week so you don’t get behind.

When is the next time I can join the mentorship?

May 2023.

How will I know if my skills are good enough to start a business?

I could give you a cliche answer like, "You'll never know unless you try." But here's the bottom line. If you've been taking pictures for family and friends and charging next to nothing or even doing it for FREE your work has caught someone's attention. I never dreamed of starting my own photography business. Then one day someone noticed my work. That's the first step!

What if I have other questions?

I genuinely want you to succeed. That's why my inbox is an open door! Email me with your questions at [email protected] and I'll be happy to answer. If I don't think Idea to Income is a good fit for you, I'd be happy to send you in another direction that will be.