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A Heart for Success, A Note from Michelle


You know that little voice in your head that whispers, "Can I really do this? Build a business, raise a family, AND conquer the world in sweatpants?" I hear you loud and clear. Because that voice? It's been my soundtrack for the past 24 years.

Since taking my first leap into the entrepreneurial world, I’ve been in the trenches, wearing every label from photographer to CEO to branding and business consultant And now? I'm adding "Editor-in-Chief" to the pile.

Sounds impressive right? Except, here's the truth: I'm just like you. Just another woman trying to make her way in the jungle gym of life.

Think of this magazine as your monthly cheat sheet, your battle cry, your virtual BFF who cheers you on through the wins and laughs and will be with you through the inevitable stumbles. Here's what you can expect:

💰Business tips to turn five bucks into five figures
🎨Branding like a Boss
✨Mindset magic to slay dragons (and deadlines)
🛀🏻Self-care strategies to refresh & recharge.

🍹And, of course, the perfect margarita recipe (or two) because hey, they make for the best stories.

Real talk, real strategy, real ways to recharge your soul. Welcome home, girlfriend. Let's make our way together.

Michelle Kuzmick, Editor in Chief


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