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It's hard to believe

I started my entrepreneurial journey as a photographer twenty-three years ago! If you're doing the math, that was before things like Google and Facebook.  I never really had a dream to be a business owner.  I always knew I wanted to be BOSS, but it never occurred to me that I could be the boss of my OWN company!

I just wanted to make enough money to contribute to the household budget and stay at home with my daughter until she went to school.

By the time that daughter went to school, her two brothers came along and I learned to grow and transform my business to meet the needs of my family during each season of life. I'm not going to lie - "the early years" were tough!  But I figured it out, and now I teach other women to build a brand and business that allows them the income and freedom they desire - without the struggle. Sound like heaven?

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I failed for a long time trying to do everything on my own. I have grown my business through many stages of my life including being a new Mom, having three kids under five, and now as a single mom. It has truly been a privilege. And it's a privilege I want all women to have.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned through the years when starting anything new is that trying to DIY everything can be a time-consuming and expensive process. There were many late nights and lots of tears on the bathroom floor feeling like I'd failed as an entrepreneur AND mother. 

That's why I'm now passionate about helping other women avoid the same mistakes I did waste too much time and money trying to do it alone.

I'm a big believer in community. I love connecting with other women entrepreneurs and helping them achieve their goals. I think that when women work together, we can achieve anything.

I created my dream business to give me the freedom and opportunity to live the life I'd always dreamed of. Now I want to help you do the same. 

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A Few Fun Facts About Me

  • I am a Mom to three humans and two rescue dogs. Want to know who is the most spoiled?
  • If you call me and tell me you have a bad idea, I'm the type of friend that will say, "I'm in" without even knowing what it is yet.
  • I consider dancing in the kitchen (or even the grocery store) a legitimate form of cardio.
  • I still cry when Superman's parents send him away to Earth.
  • My most-played Spotify song on 2022 was "Here and Now" by Kenny Chesney.
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