The MKP Business Academy 

Business resources, templates, courses, and mentorships with ONE goal: To help beginning and intermediate photographers
start, build, and grow a business that supports the income and freedom they desire.

Full participation programs and mentorship follow public school and university calenders for enrollment. This allows Mompreneurs to be available during the summer when their kids are home. Self-study programs are available on-going throughout the year.

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 A self-study program for beginning and intermediate photographers to learn step-by-step how to start + market + build a profitable photography business from the ground up - without feeling like you have to sacrifice time with your family. 

**FYI: The information for ALL self-study programs is included in the mentorship program. There is no need to purchase separately.

Go All In: From Idea to Income The Mentorship Program

It's time to go from feeling like an amateur shutterbug with a dream that's going nowhere, to being a confident professional photographer with a clear plan of action to create the profitable and sustainable business you've been dreaming of. This is everything I wish I'd known when I started my business.  

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Business Resources, Templates, and Courses 

Go Pro: From Mom-Tog to Business Owner

Thinking about taking the leap and turning your passion for photography into an income-generating business? I've got you covered. The truth is, there are lots of people with the camera skills to start a photography business but have no idea where to begin! That's why I've put together the ultimate checklist of everything you need to know to start your journey.

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Go Manual: Quickstart Guide

A quick start guide written for Busy Mamas who want to learn the basics of photography without having to waste time searching the internet for hours, learning complicated tech terms, and want to start seeing results right away! It covers basic photography terms and the fundamentals of the exposure triangle in a way non-tech photographers can understand. It includes skill-building exercises and cheat sheets for you to practice. 

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Get Profitable: The Photographer's Profit Plan 

You are well on your way to creating the business of your dreams but would like a better grasp on how to price your services. This workbook is everything you need to confidently price your services and create a clear-cut business plan to build a profitable and sustainable business.  Calculator and business planning are covered in the Idea to Income Mentorship.

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Get Professional (Looking)

You know it's super important to build a unique and attractive brand to help you stand out from the competition, however, hiring a graphic designer isn't in your budget. These basic branding templates will help you promote your business affordably and save you time so you can focus on doing things like booking more clients! Easily add your own brand colors, fonts, and images with a free Canva account. All templates + more are included in the Idea to Income Mentorship.

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We could all use a little help from our friends. I am so excited to be offering 1-1 Power Hour Calls for new and intermediate photographers! When I started my business there weren't things like Google or online learning. As a matter of fact - I was shooting film. It if wasn't for the photographers that took the time to answer my questions and guide me on everything from camera skills to getting clients I wouldn't be where I am today. Online communities have their place in growing your business, but there is nothing like having a business BFF that has been where you are, holds you accountable, and can strategically help you take your business to the next level.

Get Focused: Power Hour Call

This is for the photographer that is looking for help in a specific area of their business, and is tired of going it alone, and wasting time searching the internet for answers. At the end of the session, you will receive a step-by-step action plan you can implement right away to achieve the results you've been looking for. Please note, for a limited time, unlimited Email and Voxer support are offered as a Bonus in the  Idea to Income Mentorship.

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