Do you dream of starting your own photography business?

Or growing the one you already have? If you answered YES (or even maybe!)

Let's get to work!

 I know growing a photography business can be HARD!
Taking care of a family while growing that business can be even harder! 
Let me show you how to make it a little easier!

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Hey there! I'm Michelle!

I know women start photography businesses for many reasons!
Most of them involve a vision of MORE...

To have MORE money,
To have MORE time,
To have MORE freedom and live life on their own terms.

When I started my business twenty-two years ago I wanted to make a little extra money in addition to my full-time job. As my family grew, I wanted to replace that income so I could stay at home with my babies! I'm not going to lie, running a business AND raising a family can be HARD! If you let it, the visions of MORE, can overwhelm you and quickly turn into, "I can't do this ANYMORE!"

But I want to let you in on a little secret ...

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It doesn't have to be hard! 

With the right foundation, systems, and workflows in place, you can build a profitable photography business that allows you the income and freedom you desire without the struggle.

And I just happen to have 

the roadmap to make it easier!

The MK Photo Academy

was created with beginning and intermediate photographers in mind to give them the support I wish I'd had when I started my business all those years ago! From mentorships, courses, and workbooks to freebies, everything offered is created with one intention: To grow your business without sacrificing your life.

Where would you like to start? 


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The Ultimate Check-off list of everything you need to start a business right NOW!

Grab it NOW!
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NOW ENROLLING for Idea to Income

The Fall-Spring Mentorship Program a brand new type of mentorship to help you build a profitable
and sustainable photography business from the ground up.

I need this!
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The MKA Summer Curriculum is available with offers for photographers at all levels.

Learn More!

Let's talk Gear! 


I'm not a really "technical" photographer and I don't run out and buy the latest and greatest equipment when it's released!  Neither me (or my pocketbook) enjoy shopping for it!  I like having what I need to create the image I want. That's about it! But gear IS SUPER important and I get asked about it often! In this video I breakdown the what and why of what's in my bag with a complete list of everything you need from beginner to pro in the list link!


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